A meal meant so much more


The first world war was barely over and the Prohibition Era only a few months away when Arnaud’s opened its doors at 813 Bienville Street in 1918. Inside those big-windowed brick buildings with Italian-tiled floors, Prohibition rules didn’t exist. Actually, a lot of rules didn’t exist save one near and dear to Count (a self-titled addition) Arnaud: the pursuit of pleasure at the table. A meal that is just a meal, he believed, was a wasted opportunity for enhancing one’s life.

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Robin Sloan is the kind of writer/thinker you want to take out for a beer and ply with questions. About writing. About reading. About life.

His novel with the glow-in-dark cover, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, came out in October, though it actually started years ago as a short story on his website. Of course, the seeds for it likely started back even farther, during his years working at Poynter, Current TV, and Twitter.

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The Collaboration I Never Considered

The Good Shop, a collaborative retail space in New Orleans, was two years old when I was invited to join the other three brands there. The shop itself is the brainchild of Tippy Tippens, founder of Louisiana’s first B-Corp business, Goods That Matter. Though her social good products had homes in retail shops around the country, she was eager to push into a local brick-and-mortar space for herself. She was also energized by the idea of a collaborative shop, where social and environmental missions were shared.

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Tiny heart wanted: one family’s experience with infant organ donation

She tried to imagine how the heart would arrive.

He’d left her at midnight, her tiny, blue-gray boy. They’d taken him to the operating room to prep. The heart, they told her, should be there by 5am.

Throughout the night, she could hear the helicopters taking off and landing from the hospital’s helipad. She could hear ambulance sirens, too, pulling up to the emergency room on the first floor. How would it arrive? Which sound belonged to them?

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What Lights Up the Night

You have never heard of Belfast, Northern Ireland, or the IRA. Never shared a room with anyone other than your little sister, Erica, who will sleep in your parents’ walk-in closet while an eleven-year-old Irish exchange student named Paula takes her bed.

This is how your parents have explained Paula’s coming: In Northern Ireland, the Protestants and Catholics are fighting. You are one of several families who will host children from both sides with the hope that one day, as grownups, they will remember that they are not so different from each other.

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Starting Over At the Wrong Time In the Wrong Place: Launching a Business Outside of Your Network

Starting a new business shortly after moving into an entirely new state is not advice anyone would give to a budding entrepreneur. In November 2015, I officially registered Hem + Haw as an LLC in Virginia, the state I’d been born in, schooled in and lived in as a quasi-adult for more than a decade. Four months later I was surrounded by boxes in a new apartment in New Orleans.

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